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Thursday, July 19th, 2007

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The Namedropper Office was all abuzz yesterday when the phone rang and it was legendary label owner and A&R man Seymour Stein! We assumed he had misdialed, but no, he was phoning in to the Drop, to chat about an upcoming secret project we are working on.

If you don’t know, Seymour signed about 10-20% of your record collection; Talking Heads, The Ramones, Madonna, The Smiths…he is more of a rock star than most rock stars! Though the conversation was off the record (we never said we wouldn’t tease you…), we’re confident you’ll be reading more about Seymour in these pages soon.

Mr. S. was most delightful to speak with, coming off as more a fellow music fan than president of the beyond historic Sire Records, which he founded over 30 years ago. He rang us up to discuss the top secret project we are working on - look for an announcement soon. Did we mention yet that it’s a top secret project? That’s because it’s a secret. I’m so excited about this call I’m having my cell phone laminated!


Friday, July 6th, 2007

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On Thursday July 5th, I attempted to catch my first gig by the all girl Zep trubute band, Lez Zeppelin. I was very impressed by the band’s take on “Since I’ve Been Loving You” off their debut CD released this week, so I cancelled my plans to watch Showbiz Tonight and raced to the House Of Blues in Dallas. After paying $12 to park, I was informed that the show was sold out. I decided that, to get my $12 worth, I would meet the band.

I ended up spending a few hours with their guitarist, Steph Paynes, from New York, in the plush, exclusive $2500 a year Foundation Room. Although I hadn’t seen her play, she carries herself as the real deal, a true to life rock and roll girl who lives and breathes the music she loves. Her feelings about Led Zeppelin’s music, and the many facets of our mutual idol, Mr. Page, run very deep. What could be a gimmick seems more a calling. She was absolutely wonderful company, and I hope to interview her for Namedropper in the near future.

In the meantime, order their CD from Amazon, and prepare for a shock; this girl can play Page-styled guitar like nobody’s business. I’ve been listening to Led Zeppelin since 1970, have seen Jimmy play about 25 times, and this is absolutely the next best thing to listening to JP himself. And we thought Led Zeppelin couldn’t get any sexier!!